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Young indie filmmaker with an unusual style of storytelling. Her past in the scientific field has influenced the themes for several of her short films, such as The Collector, Invisible?, and her most recent project From the Cosmos.


Her entry into the cinematographic world was with her first student short film Sacrificial Night, which was part of the official selection for the Rincon International Film Festival 2019 and the Lusca Fantastic Film Festival in 2019. ​


Another one of her most recognised short films is The Collector, which participated in FACIUNI BECAS, a competition for film students in Latin America. The Collector was part of the official selection of the LUSCA Fantastic Film Festival in 2021.

Rebeca's most recent project as a director, From the Cosmos, was part of the official selection of the Puerto Rico Film Festival 2022, LUSCA International Film Festival 2022, Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival 2022, Brooklyn Sci-Fi Film Festival 2022, Isabela International Film Festival 2022, and others. In the LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest 2022, From the Cosmos won Best National Sci-Fi Short film. 

Rebeca’s goal is to combine her directing skills with her quirky production design style and create visually stunning films, with her focus being fiction and horror.


Director | Production Designer | Art Director | Art Production Assistant 

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